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Gold and Silver sales are exploding all over the world. You see it all day long on television commercials, in financial news, newspapers and magazines...Now you can start marketing Gold and Silver and "cash in big" on this huge trend!

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riccardo Ferrari 
Numis Network

Riccardo Ferrari

Over 25 years in Network Marketing, 11 years online, #1 earner in four companies, 800,000 in combined downlines, consistent multiple six figure earner, made as much as *$1.2 million/yr.

"Corporate trainer and #1 earner in the former telecom company of Numis Founders' Chris Kent and Ian Cordell.

Numis Network Coin Attache
MS-70 ANACS certified
Gold and Silver coins.


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Hello and welcome! You are here because you heard Numis is hot and you are probably looking for the right sponsor and team. That's a challenge these days isn't it? Who can you really trust? Who can really help you create the results you are looking for?

Well, my goal is that one day you’ll buy a million dollar house, have wonderful vacations four times a year, send your kids to Stanford, be an admired entrepreneur and you'll look back on the decision here today to join my team as one of the best decisions of your entire life!


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